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The Benefits of Sleeping on Velvet Fabric Beds

Benefits of Sleeping on Velvet Fabric Beds

Your bed is the focal point of your bedroom, so you want it to both stand out and make it absolutely you. Your bed is the place where you dream your dreams, where you spend your moments of quiet contemplation, where you start every happy morning and where you find your safe space to rest for the night. And one of the most beautiful design trends is velvet. Not only is it stylish and gives your bed this je ne sais quoi, but there are some significant benefits of sleeping on velvet fabric beds.

In this blog, we will point the spotlight on some great advantages that you might want to get the most out of.


Velvet is a soft and luxurious fabric that is gentle on the skin and will provide you with a comfortable and cozy sleeping experience, so you can wake up refreshed and well-rested.


If you get chilly during the night, velvet is a great option for you as it is known to retain heat, keeping you comfortable through the night.


Velvet also is hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites, making it a great option for those with allergies.


Another great benefit of velvet is that it is strong and durable, making it very resilient to everyday wear and tear, ensuring that your bed will last for years to come.


Velvet fabric beds come in a variety of colours and styles, allowing you to choose the perfect one to match your decor and personal style.

Easy Maintenance

If you have a busy lifestyle, velvet is a great option, as it is easy to clean and maintain. You just have to spot-clean or vacuum it, and your bed will keep looking great.

Adds a touch of luxury

Velvet fabric beds add a touch of luxury and sophistication to any bedroom, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

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As you can see, velvet fabric beds are not just a stylish choice, but there are many benefits of sleeping on velvet fabric beds, from comfort and durability to its hypoallergenic qualities. Urban Accents Furniture has a great selection of velvet fabric beds with a wide variety of different colours and styles, so you can choose the perfect combination to match your decor and personal style.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an upholstered bed?

Any bed frame that is overlaid with additional padding and covered with material like faux leather, velvet, suede and the like is an upholstered bed. Everything from the headboards, sides and even the foot of the bed and side tables may be upholstered to create different styles and combinations.

Are upholstered beds good?

Upholstered beds lend a sense of coziness to a room. This is furniture that has been designed to invite you in, make you comfortable and keep you warm whenever you may need it. Plus, they add an extra styling element to your bedroom, allowing you to play with colours, materials and designs to spice up your personal space any way you want.

Why are upholstered beds so popular?

Upholstered beds are versatile; no two ways about it. No matter what kind of aesthetic or design theme you may be planning for your bedroom, we bet you will find an upholstered bed to match it. Colours, shapes, sizes, patterns, materials, designs – your choices here are limitless!

Do upholstered beds need a box spring?

Upholstered beds may or may not come with a box spring. It all depends on the type of product you will choose for your bedroom. You can buy standard box-spring beds with upholstered segments or even platform beds in a variety of upholstered designs with an additional mattress. It really is a question of what choice you are most comfortable with.

Are upholstered beds hygienic?

Everything requires cleaning and maintenance, and upholstered beds are no different. To maintain hygiene, it is recommended that you clean the upholstery fabric used on your bed with a handheld vacuum once a week to prevent dust accumulation. And a bit of dry shampoo or carpet cleaning solution can be used to deep-clean the material about once every few months.

Do you have king-size upholstered beds?

Yes, we have a wide collection of upholstered beds in king and queen size too.

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