Whether you are selling your condo or looking for some design tips, WE HAVE GOT YOU COVERED! The scale of the furniture, colours, and size of art and accessories all play an important role in making your condo look more spacious.

Here are the DO’s & DONT’S for decorating your Condo :

DO choose the right size for furniture in your space

  • Choose a 2 seater rather than a 3 seater sofa
  • Put side tables together instead of a large coffee table
  • Add a bench that tucks into the dining table rather than chairs
  • Avoid ALL bulky furniture 


DO create a consistent flow throughout the entire space

  • Create a consistent colour scheme throughout the entire space
  • Choose lighter colours for walls (whites & grey tones work best and select the eggshell finish for all paint colours)
  • Try a monochromatic scheme to add interest to your space
  • One type of flooring for the entire space
  • Add colour through accent pieces
  • Add plants to give your space energy & flow


Do choose furniture with multipurpose usage

  • Buy a coffee table with storage or shelves underneath
  • Buy an ottoman or bench with storage
  • Coffee table that also converts into a dining table or even a desk
  • Consider a bookshelf that goes from the floor to the ceiling
  • Use an ottoman that doubles as a tray


DON’T block off open spaces

  • Use glass instead of wood to make the space appear larger
  • Do not use any room dividers

DON’T forget to add proper lighting

  • Lighting is key to make any condo appear larger especially if you don’t have many windows
  • Table lamps are functional and add visual interest to your space
  • Get lighting fixtures with LED lighting
  • Track lighting is good when you want to control where the light shines

DON’T buy furniture based on a builders floor plan

  • Builder floor plans always make the condo appear larger as they show that they can fit a full living and dining
  • See your condo and take proper measurements before purchasing your furniture
  • Ask builder for architectural floor plans to get the proper measurements for your space


Here are some of our best selling condo living furniture:

Honey Sofa Bed $399.99

Bend Glass Coffee Table W/ Shelf

Side Tables   $109.99 x 2

Console Table  $249.99

Bed   $299.99

Lighting: Floor Lamps

Monarch Side Tables: