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How to Choose the Right Coffee Table for Your Living Room


If you are a homeowner who recently moved to a new property or decided to renovate your home, you must be aware that you need to decorate your space and take a lot of details into consideration – be it what would be the colours of your walls, how many lamps you wish to install, what the size of your new bed is going to be, what type of flooring you want to have, among other small things – including what is the right kind of coffee table for your living room.

This article will explain why so many homeowners opt to have coffee tables and how you can choose the best coffee table model and size most suitable for your home.

What is the Purpose of a Coffee Table?

Coffee tables have the end goal of providing comfort and practicality in the living space of a home. You can use your newly-purchased coffee table to: 

  • Place your remote control, keys, phone or wallet
  • Place any food plates or drink cups whenever you have guests over
  • Store belongings in any drawers
  • Put decorative objects on top (books or magazines, flower jars, ornaments)

If you are in doubt regarding what type of coffee table to have, keep on reading and discover important considerations before purchasing coffee tables and the ideal sizes and shapes that you should look out for.

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Considerations for When Buying Coffee Tables

When looking into potential coffee tables you can buy for your home, you must consider the table’s size, shape, material, design, colour, and extra features.

At first, considering so many small details may seem like a complicated task, when in reality, you can easily narrow it all down – look at the overall feel of your living room, think about your needs and what type of coffee table would suit them the most, and pay attention to the interior design of your place.

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If you live alone in an ample space, having a more extended coffee table or a combination of many small coffee tables might be a good idea; if you are used to having guests over, opt for a square or round coffee table, gold coffee tables; or be aware of small children running around your house and ponder if having a wooden round, a small coffee table wouldn’t be better than having a glass coffee table.

You must also choose your material with care – don’t purchase a coffee table made of wood if you don’t have any other furniture with the same or similar material, for example. Think about the setting of your living room and what coffee table style would be the best match in terms of maintenance and durability – for instance, a glass coffee table allows any couch to take the spotlight, while mirrored or marbled coffee tables add elegance. 

Many coffee tables also have different features, such as drawers for storage space, tray tops for drinks and snacks, or a moveable table top.

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How to Choose the Right Size and the Right Shape of Your Coffee Table

Purchasing any coffee table you find just because of its pleasant aesthetic is not the best idea – the wrong size or shape of a furniture piece as simple as a coffee table can actually set up your living room’s decoration for failure. Therefore, you must be careful when looking through your coffee table options.

The Right Size

If you are wondering how high a coffee table should be, take your couch into consideration – coffee tables should be around 14 to 20 inches tall and about half or two-thirds of the sofa’s size. 

Choosing the right coffee table size is essential since you want to ensure that your living space does not give an overall off look. The standard coffee table height dictates that the ideal coffee table should stay on the same level as the cushions or just a little bit lower.

You can measure how long your couch is and cut the number by half, or ⅔ – and you can take the liberty to go a few inches higher or lower. To make it easy, you can quickly take measures of the distance between the floor and the top of the sofa as well as measurements of the sofa length, and choose a coffee table that will be ½ or ⅔ of such measures.

Keep leg room in mind as well – you, your family or your guests should be able to walk around the coffee table easily. Your ideal legroom is the distance between your coffee table and your couch, which shouldn’t be less than 18 inches.

The Right Shape

Sizing is vital when picking the ideal coffee table for your living room, but you shouldn’t leave the shape behind either – the right coffee table shape allows anyone sitting around the table to easily reach for what they wish to grab.

The shape of your coffee table also plays an important role in a household with small children; in this case, an oval or round coffee table is the best option. Meanwhile, rectangular coffee tables are a good option for smaller living rooms, while a square coffee table allows for a more extensive gathering of people. Oval-shaped coffee tables are also a good option if you have an oversized sofa.

Naturally, smaller spaces call for smaller coffee tables while wider living rooms allow for longer tables – as long as this essential furniture piece is smaller than your couch and complements the overall design of your living room, there is no need to worry!

Where to Buy Good-quality Coffee Tables?

The best places to buy various affordable and good-looking coffee tables are in bazaars, yard or garage sales and, of course, furniture stores. It is possible to find thousands and thousands of coffee table options in all sizes, colours and designs you wish! 

And Urban Accents does not stay behind in the market either – we offer clients a wide variety of furniture options for all of their tastes, wants and needs. You can check our many products here.

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What is a good coffee-table-to-sofa ratio?
It is best for coffee tables to be ½ to ⅔ compared to the sofa size.

Should coffee tables be higher or lower than sofas?
Coffee tables should always be lower than the sofa.

How tall should my coffee table be?
The ideal coffee table should be around 35 to 50 centimetres tall.

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