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How to Choose the Right Sofa Size for Your Home?

Sofas are an essential piece of furniture within every home and are being used daily by everyone in your home. So, it is very important that you understand how to choose the right sofa that fits well in your home and meets your needs.

There are multiple important factors that you must consider before deciding to buy your custom sofa and its appropriate size.

Here’s a quick rundown on those vital considerations.

A Step-By-Step Guide to Choose the Right Sofa Size for Your Home:

1. Scale: Buying a huge three-piece sofa set might maximize your comfort, but it will consume all of your living room space.

Many people still choose the sofa size that is either too big or too small for their living room space. A simple rule of thumb is that your sofa must not take up the whole length of a wall. There must be at least 18 inches of space on both the sides of your sofa.

Think about your space, scale it and understand the intent to buy a custom sofa and then choose the one wisely.

2. Shape: All living rooms are not built equal and there is a lot of variation in the spaces people are living in nowadays. Therefore, understanding how to choose the right size sofa for a room that blends well with the shape of your space is important.

For example, a sectional sofa is perfect for homes having open floor plans, as it gives shape and separation to the existing space.

Also check up any unique architectural features such as built-in shelves, windows or fireplaces. Work around these pre-existing features while figuring out how to choose the right sofa for your space and ensure that your sofa does not block any of these features.

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3. Dimensions: Considering the type, shape and style, a sofa size might vary accordingly.

Below mentioned are the standard sofa dimensions and where exactly they fall on the sofa size scale:

  • Length:- Though sofas can measure anywhere between 70″ and 96″ long, standard 3-seater sofas usually measure between 70″ and 87″ long and the standard length is 84″. If you are looking for sofas having ample seating space then, choose a long sofa with a length of 87″ to 100″ or buy an extra-long sofa that is more than 100″ in length.
  • Depth:- Standard sofa depth is 35″. But nearly a custom sofa is 32″ to 40″ in depth.
  • Height:- Sofa height usually varies from 26″ to 36″ high. Low-back sofas tend to be usually sleek and modern, while high-back sofas are lean and more traditional.
  • Sofa Seat Depth:- Standard sofa seat depth is 20″ to 25″. Deep-seat sofas have seat depths between 28″ and 35″ and extra-deep-seat sofas have seat depths more than 35″.

4. Traffic Flow: Traffic flow is a very important factor to consider while thinking how to pick the right sofa. Your movement must flow freely in and out of the living room. Buying a custom sofa or sectionals that hinders the flow of movement can totally kill the mood of a space.

You want to feel absolutely comfy in your room and move freely in your room. It is very important that your sofa doesn’t physically block the entryways that you regularly use to get around.

Measure your sofa for length, width, seat depth and height, observe your space and then ensure that you will have at least 30 to 36 inches of space for walkways between living room furniture and an additional 3 to 5 inches space between your sofa and the wall.

5. Placing: Whether you place your sofa in the middle of the room or against one of the walls, it will affect what sofa size and shape works best for you. With a custom sofa, a curve is usually an additional benefit and can create a visually pleasing look to your room, half-circle sofas or sectionals having curved corners are usually best to have the right traffic flow.

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Choosing the right sofa size for your home can be a daunting task. By considering the size of your room, the layout of your space, and your personal style and needs, you can find the perfect sofa to fit your home.

If you’re still unsure about which sofa size is right for you, don’t hesitate to contact Urban Accents today. Our team of furniture experts will be happy to answer any questions you may have and help you find the perfect sofa for your space. So don’t wait any longer, contact us today and take the first step towards a more comfortable and stylish home.

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