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Custom Beds & Headboards

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They say that if your bed is like a portrait of your soul, its headboard happens to be the frame that holds the masterpiece in stark spotlight. Those who love a bit of drama and fashion in their home should never settle for any ordinary, run-of-the-mill bed and headboard design. After all, no other part of your home décor can be more personal and significant as the bed where you start and end each day of your life. Bring on exactly the kind of glitz and glam that you desire in your personal living space with custom beds and headboards from Urban Accents Canada. This is where your dream bedroom will begin coming alive, right in front of your eyes!

Custom Beds and Headboards in Toronto – Built Just for You

You WILL be spending a mammoth’s share of your time on your bed, no doubt about that. So take your time and design it to be just as perfect as you are! From the fabric of its headboard to the finish on its legs to the comfort it offers – everything about your bed should be nothing less than ideal. This is single most important piece of furniture in your bedroom. Make it count!

Custom Beds and Headboards – Unlimited Choices, Unmatched Luxury

Design it- Build it- Love it… THAT is the Urban Accents Canada way! Our catalogue for custom made beds in Toronto offers the widest range of choices to help create a design that matches your sense of style without burning a hole in your pocket. With us, you can customise:


  • The size: Choose from our custom king size beds, queen size beds or provide us with your bespoke size specifications to create the right fit for your bedroom.
  • The fabric: We offer over 200 fabric options to choose from – varied materials, colours, patterns, designs and combination options so you can create a custom bed frame in Toronto that exactly matches the décor of your room.
  • The Accents: Everything from buttons, crystals, tassels, wings, nail-heads, tufting and so on can be changed to suit your personal style. Select from our assorted selection of decorative accents and let your design sense flow freely as your create a custom bed head that is nothing short of a masterpiece.
  • The Type: No matter what functionality you are looking for in your bed set, Urban Accents Canada can help make it happen for you. Custom made storage beds, custom platform beds, made to measure headboards – you name it and we will make it for you!

Custom Beds and Headboards – Premium Quality, Canadian Made with the Urban Accents Quality Promise

Create the bedroom of your dreams with our custom beds in Toronto. Urban Accents Canada offers 100s of styles of custom upholstered headboards and beds in all sizes, shapes and designs while ensuring that you do not overshoot your budget. Our custom size beds can be made in a platform style with additional mattress or with box spring. You can also choose to design a custom storage bed for your bedroom to add more functionality to your bed set.

DESIGN YOUR OWN BED. Call us at 905-660-4669 to get more information or email us at info@urbanaccentscanada.com for a free quote.

Custom Beds and Headboards – FAQs

  • How much do custom beds cost?

    Contrary to popular belief, custom beds don’t really have to cost you an arm and a leg. The actual amount of money you spend on them will depend upon the kind of additions and design elements you include into your set. Additional storage sections, winged headboards, wooden accents, fabric quality and type, size specifications, shape – all these have an impact on the overall cost of custom beds in Toronto. Mix and match your preferences or go all out and splurge on the bed design that fits your fancy!

  • Can you customize a bed?

    Top furniture suppliers like Urban Accents Canada offer high end services and support for creating custom beds online. Browse through our catalogue for design options, headboard shapes, bed sizes, fabric types, colours, patterns and designs to create the combination that best matches the bedroom of your dreams. Your vision will be brought to life by our experts and delivered to your doorstep in no time at all.

  • How much should you spend on a quality custom bed?

    The answer to this question completely depends on the choices you make when designing your custom built bed. You can choose a platform style bed with a beautiful headboard and trimming and add on a mattress separately in accordance with your budget constraints. Or you can choose a box-spring design and have a complete set created for your bedroom space. Choosing high quality materials will directly impact the comfort and satisfaction you will derive from the bed set. Do not skimp on this expenditure – a customized bed that is well designed and built with top notch materials can last you a lifetime!

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