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They say, we eat with our eyes first. Dish presentation can uplift any culinary affair, of course. But when you match it with the right dining room ambience, choose the right furniture and throw in a glass dining table into the mix, you can set the tone of the dining experience before anyone even lifts the fork! Simple, sleek and stylish – a modern glass dining table will become the single point of focus in your kitchen or dining room décor, transforming the space with a contemporary grace that is hard to match!

Glass Dining Tables – Designers Go Ga-Ga Over Them

The allure of glass in home décor isn’t a new one. There is something quite enchanting about this design element. Its transparency adds depth and space to the room and its delicate nature lends an extra layer of grace and fragility to the setting. Glass topped dining tables add a feeling of cleanliness and sophistication to a kitchen or dining room. The decorative accents used on the base of the table help set the tone for the ambiance of the entire space. And most importantly, glass tables can fit the widest spectrum of styles and interior décor themes. They may be seen as contemporary home furniture, but glass dining tables can be styled to match just about any design scheme you have in mind. And THAT is why this simple piece of furniture is such a big favourite of home decorators and furniture designers all over!

Glass Dining Tables – The Best Match For Your Dining Room Furniture

Urban Accents Canada offers a huge selection of glass dining room table sets to choose from. Our catalogue includes a wide range of dining room furniture including round, square, rectangular, and with tops of tempered clear glass, painted glass or wood veneer, fixed or extendable. Let’s see how you can best match them with your décor theme:

  • Contemporary Glass Dining Table: Our extensive range of contemporary glass table designs are the perfect fit for your chic, upscale dining room. These designs work well with all kinds of minimalistic, modern and sleek décor themes. Choose one to make a flawless addition to your stylish home.
  • Smoked Glass Dining Table: Now this is an option for homeowners who possess a taste for adventure. Smoked glass can add some much-needed contrast to your space and our range of designs can match everything from modern and minimalistic to rustic, wood, metallic and even ornate décor themes.
  • Wooden Dining Table with Glass Top: Glass tables often trend contemporary but they can also hold their own amidst wooden, nostalgic and antique-y themes. Our selection of glass tables with wooden bases can offer a striking contrast against the rustic feel of your space, making your dining table the obvious center of attention amidst your furniture.
  • Square/Rectangular/Oval/Round Glass Dining Table Set: Play with geometric pairings in your space and add depth to your dining room décor with our glass table options. These tables are just what you need to add a bit of drama to your dining space.
  • Extendable Glass Top Dining Table: Perfect for those who live by the rule of ‘the-more-the-merrier’, these extendable tables let you get the most out of dining room without having to compromise on space or décor. Elegant, stylish and functional – these glass tables are meant for homes where the doors are always open!

Glass Dining Tables – Choose your Favourite from Urban Accents Canada

Anchor your dining room with effortless style using our essential glass dining tables – perfect for weekday meals and family gatherings alike. Shop designs specific for small spaces (condo living) or large homes from Urban Accents Canada. Our catalogue boasts of styles to suit all your needs – from modern, contemporary to transitional. All our glass dining tables use tempered glass with a variety of options for bases.

Oh, and did we mention? We price match! If you see the same glass table for a lower price, simply call or email us and we will match it!

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