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How to Choose the Right Console Table

How to choose the right console table

Console tables are a great option to bring versatility and a stylish accent to your home. There are many different types and colours available and a variety of sizes, making it a little challenging to choose the perfect one for your home. 

This article will look at the different types of tables and help you pick the right console table.

What is a console table?

A console table is wide and shallow, usually as tall as a regular one. Typically, it is placed against a wall in an entryway or hallway, but it can be placed nearly anywhere in the home. If a table is set against the back of a sofa, it is generally called a sofa table.

How to choose the right console table?

Choosing the right console table can be challenging because many options are available. It also strongly depends on where you want to place it and what you have in mind regarding style or utility. But here are some things to consider when looking at finding the right console table for you:


This will significantly depend on which style of decor you already have or which look you want to go with. A wood table will automatically bring a sense of warmth and a natural feel to a room. Wood comes in many different colours and finishes and can look both sleek and rustic, making it very versatile to match many styles.

You could also go for a mixed material approach, for example, with a metal base and a wooden top, allowing you to create contrasts of both colour and style.

What About Upholstery?

If you feel adventurous or want to make a statement, go for an upholstered table. Many options exist, from suede and leather over monochromatic fabrics to bolder choices such as zebra print. The possibilities are endless, and you can make this your own. 


Colour is another decisive factor to take into consideration. Do you want a console table that blends seamlessly with the rest of your decor, or would you rather it stand out as an accent piece? You can achieve this in many ways: paint, stains, or fabric. Black will add a sophisticated aura, while dashes of blue or green colour can create an aesthetic punch.

Also, consider using different colours, which you can achieve by mixing materials—for example, a black or dark grey metal frame and a brighter table top.

It Doesn’t Have to be a Table

Just because you call it a console table doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be a table. A bar cart is an excellent alternative with its own aesthetic. Another advantage of using a bar cart is that they typically come with wheels so they can be easily moved out of the way, giving you even more options where to place it as you, for example, could put it in front of the door of a rarely used closet.

You can even use credenzas or dressers like a console table, with the added side effect of giving you additional storage space.

How Functional Do you Want it to be?

A console table can serve a lot of purposes. It can be an accent piece to display decor or photos, but you can also use it for storage. You can choose from console tables with shelves or drawers to show off more of your collections or add additional shelf space to make them more functional. You could even use a dresser or a credenza in the place of a console table with plenty of storage at your disposal.

Where Do You Want Your Console Table To Go?

As console tables are generally a lot smaller and narrower than regular tables, they give you many options of where to place them. If you have a narrow hallway that feels bare, choose a shallow console table to provide the space with a bit of character without making it crowded.

Add Some Seating

If you have a small space with limited seating, you can use a console with open space for additional seating. If you have surprise visitors or throw a party, you can quickly transform a decorative console table into extra usable space.

Placing Console Tables Around Your Home

The material, size and features of a console table are not the only aspects you must think about – all these factors will significantly depend on the location of your console table.

Entryway Console Tables

Console tables placed in a home’s entry or hallway are often one of the first pieces of furniture guests will see. Therefore, homeowners should place careful consideration and attention upon choosing a console table for their entryway.

Entryway console tables work well when adjacent to a wall or beside a mirror or artwork.

Living Room Console Tables

As living rooms are more spacious, console tables can be in the middle (like a coffee table) or under the TV. Other good locations for living room console tables are next to couches or in corners, with some decoration on top.

In living rooms, console tables can serve as a space to place media equipment, flower jars, lamps, coffee machines, and books or simply to declutter the coffee table. In a dining area, console tables often support drinks or utensils.

Bedroom Console Tables

If you wish to add an extra touch of luxury and comfort to your bedroom, place a console table next to your bed or as a stand for your room TV. A smaller console table makes a great addition to any bedroom, and you can decorate it with books or flowers.

Console Tables from Urban Accents

Our console tables come in a variety of materials, sizes and designs. Here are only a few samples that you can find in our inventory:

Estrel Console Table

This chic and shiny model is currently in stock for only $475.00. With a mixture of metal and glass, this console table is very resistant, with mirrored glass and a polished chrome finish in its geometric design. Estrel is the perfect choice of console table for offices or living rooms filled with white furniture.

Multi-level Gold Console Table

In a mixture of glass panels and golden metal frames, this multi-level console table is the perfect piece of furniture for homeowners who like to have a lot of decoration space. For $775.00, you can place this console table in your living room and fill it with books, flower jars or decoration tokens.

Nicholas Console Table

This white marble console table is an excellent choice for entryways of buildings or offices – or chick and grant living rooms. You can get this piece for $455.00 only – an excellent price for a great console table.

Eros Console Table

If you enjoy a bright living room or bedroom with lots of natural light and white walls, this $418.00 console table is perfect for you. With its glass panel surface and golden metal finishes, you can place it against the wall in a corner along with your coffee machine or next to your bed with your favourite book on top.

Harrison Black Console Table

Any dining area would look stunning with this console table. With golden metal, circular finishes and a black marble surface, this $615.00 console table gives a great luxurious touch to any space.

Boca Console Table

With a delicate design, this $560.00 console table is an excellent addition to a bright living room or bedroom. In a simple square format, the white marble surface provides the golden metal frames of the table with an elegance that can certainly bring extra luxury to a home.


Contact Urban Accents for All Your Console Table Needs

Upgrade your living space with the latest furniture trends! Visit Urban Accents Canada, the modern furniture store in Vaughan. Our store offers a wide selection of high-quality furniture pieces that are both stylish and functional.

We offer a variety of console tables and other furniture pieces for any homeowner in Toronto and the GTA. If you are still deciding which console table to get and where to place it, look at our beautiful selection of console tables on our website or call us at 905-660-4669 if you have any questions!



What kind of console table should I get?

It depends on many factors, such as the materials and the colours you are looking for, if you want the console to be traditional, modern, practical, or a showpiece. Urban Accents offers a wide variety of console tables to match many styles.

How do I choose the right size console table?

The size depends on your available space and where you intend to put the console. Measure the area where you will be using it to get an idea of which size you should look for. If used behind a sofa, for example, it should not be higher than the couch and at least two-thirds of the sofa’s length without being longer than the couch.

How do I choose an entry console?

Make sure to measure the space you have. Consider getting a table with a mirror or putting a mirror above the table to quickly check that everything is in order before leaving the house. Also, keep utility in mind as entry consoles often are used to put down keys or put down or pick up things when going or coming in, so a console with at least one drawer is a good idea.

How do I choose a hallway console table?

Size matters. It depends on your hallway width because you want to avoid making the place feel crowded or in the way. 

How do I choose a console table size?
To choose an adequate console table size for your home, keep in mind the overall dimensions of the area where you wish to place the console table. A smaller console table can be a good idea for a hallway, while a vast table will better fit a living room.

What is the best height for a console table?
A good height for a console table is one in which the table’s flat surface is on the same level as your hips or waist.

How do you style a console table in a living room?
A console table in a living room can stay on the wall under the TV, at the centre of the living room, or in a corner wall.

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