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Importance of Coffee Tables In Living Room

importance of coffee tables in living room

Living rooms are the open space and portal into someone’s home. It is in the living room where we watch television, host family gatherings or receive visits from friends and relatives. Any interior designer would state that a living room is not complete without a sofa, some plants, maybe a TV, and of course – a coffee table.

The importance of coffee tables in living rooms vary depending on what homeowners plan to do with their living rooms in the first place. However, it is undeniable that they are a vital piece in the composition of a decent living room.

In this article, we will explore the importance that coffee tables hold, and showcase why Urban Accents Furniture is the number one place you should go to buy your coffee table.

Urban Accents has a catalog of coffee tables you can check out here!

What Is the Importance of Coffee Tables for Living Rooms?

Coffee tables are placed in the center of the living room – they are the most important piece after you sit on the couch. And why exactly is it so important? What are the advantages of having a coffee table in your living room?

It is practical

Coffee tables have the simple and yet essential function of supporting our reading materials, cups and mugs, TV remote control – or any other object you need to place on top of a flat surface. When having guests, you can place fruit plates or tea cups, or you can rest your feet when relaxing in front of the television. It is a practical furniture item your living room needs.

It Gives the Living Room Some Personality

Say you wish to have a modern and minimalist living room decoration – your coffee table would probably have a square shape, and the colors would be black, light gray, beige, or some plywood. If you want a chic living room that contains a lot of white, then a coffee table made of white marble would do the trick. Coffee tables provide living rooms with extra charm.

Coffee Tables Are Diverse

They come in so many different colors, shapes and sizes, so why not have one? You can even get multiple ones to place around the living room, aside from the center. Coffee tables give you the liberty to play around with your imagination and explore the endless interior design possibilities your living room can offer.

Serve Various Purposes

Your coffee table can be the place where you will showcase a small sculpture you bought abroad, or some plants you have been taking care of, or any other decoration items. They can serve as a storage place, where you keep essential objects of your everyday life placed on.

They Are Suitable for Different Needs

The shape and design of your coffee table will depend on the living room itself – like decoration or square feet – and also on what you need to use it for. For instance, if you care about the environment, you would normally look for a coffee table that utilizes sustainable materials; if you have little children that like to run around, a more suitable coffee table would be one that has no pointy corners and a more resistant material.

Coffee Tables Are Aesthetical

Glass Coffee tables, as placed in the center of a living room, can actually dictate the aesthetic the entire space will have. Yes, indeed coffee tables can be very neutral – the design can be simple and the colors can be black or white, and so, they will suit many different interior designs. However, when we choose to buy a coffee table on its own, that means the entire furniture of the living room will have to be chosen according to it.

They Complement the Couch

It is normal to see coffee tables and couches come in a combo. If a couch is made of black leather, then the coffee table will be a square, with black platforms sustaining it and a dark plywood surface. If your sofa is stuffed, fluffy and white, then a small and round coffee table will suit it best.

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The Coffee Tables Urban Accents Furniture Has to Offer You

Urban Accents Furniture has some amazing varieties of coffee tables clients can choose from:

Marble Coffee Table – T5338

With a square design, this spacious coffee table has a beautiful white marble piece supported by a black bottom frame. For only $200.00, it brings modernity and simplicity to a room.

Glass Nesting Table – P2057

This beautiful coffee table costs $479.00 and is composed of three beautiful glass circles that can be placed either separately or intertwined with one another. You can check this product here.

Herbert Coffee Table with Gold Base

This rectangular surface of white marble is supported by a beautiful and shiny gold base, bringing class to any living room for a price of $710.00. Check more information about this product here.

Iron Rectangular Coffee Table with Aluminum

This rectangular and dark coffee table costs $525.00 and has a special place in living rooms that go for a very urban and minimalistic decor.

If you’re looking to add a touch of luxury and sophistication to your living room? Consider our stunning gold coffee tables! or modern glass Coffee tables With their sleek and modern design, these tables are sure to become the centerpiece of your space.

Contact Urban Accents Furniture Today to Assist You with Choosing Your Coffee Table

We have many coffee table options, as well as an endless catalog of furniture that will go well with any coffee table you choose from us – or any you already have.

You can also give us a call at 905.660.4669 and we will be happy to assist you with choosing the perfect coffee table for your living room.


Why is a coffee table important in the living room?

Coffee tables add an extra charm to a living room, and can be very practical furniture items.

What is the purpose of a coffee table?

Coffee tables are meant to serve as decoration and storage.

Do I need to have a coffee table in my living room?

It is vital to place a coffee table in the middle and even corners of a living room. They will serve as a beautiful add-on to a living room.

Where should a coffee table be placed in a living room?

Ideally, coffee tables are placed in the center.

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