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Upholstered Fabric Beds

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When it comes to making a statement with yourhome décor, few pieces of furniture get as personal and significant as your bed. This is the place where you dream your dreams, where you spend your moments of quiet contemplation, where you start every happy morning and where you find your safe space to rest for the night. And hear it from the experts here at Urban Accents Canada – whether you are a design purist or a hybrid-undecided, upholstered beds, headboards and bed frames give you functionality, style and comfort, all rolled into one. They truly offer the best of everything!

Best Upholstered Beds, Headboards & Bed Frames in Canada from Urban Accents

Create your very own oasis of tranquillity, right here in your bedroom with our luxury upholstered beds.

Whether you are looking for traditional beds with metal, wooden or upholstered headboards & beds or even a complete bedroom suite, Urban Accents Canada offers a variety of bedroom furniture options for you to consider. Choose from over 200 styles and colours, functional add-ons, patterns, materials and even upholstered beds with storage space! Transform the look of your bedroom with a splendid Tufted Headboard. Glam up your personal space with our styles of upholstered headboards and beds in velvet fabric and crystal buttons. Or go for a clean, simple look in our luxury linen fabric collection. Upholstered beds in King and Queen sizes both, are available in our collection.

We carry styles to suit your needs. Visit the Urban Accents Canada showroom in Vaughan or email us a photo of your dream bed and let us source it for you!

Upholstered Beds – Everything you want to know

  • What is an upholstered bed?

    Any bed frame that is overlaid with additional padding and covered with material like faux leather, velvet, suede and the like is an upholstered bed. Everything from the headboards, sides and even the foot of the bed and side-tables may be upholstered to create different styles and combinations.

  • Are Upholstered beds good?

    Upholstered beds lend a sense of coziness to a room. This is furniture that has been designed to invite you in, make you comfortable and keep you warm whenever you may need it. Plus they add an extra styling element in your bedroom, allowing you to play with colors, materials and designs to spice up your personal space any way you want.

  • Why are upholstered beds so popular?

    Upholstered beds are versatile, no two ways about it. No matter what kind of aesthetic or design theme you may be planning for you bedroom, we bet you will find an upholstered bed to match it. Colors, shapes, sizes, patterns, materials, designs – your choices here are limitless!

  • Do upholstered beds need a box-spring?

    Upholstered beds may or may not come with a box-spring. It all depends on the type of product you will choose for your bedroom. You can buy standard box-spring beds with upholstered segments or even platform beds in a variety of upholstered designs with an additional mattress. It really is a question about what choice you are most comfortable with.

  • Are upholstered beds hygienic?

    Everything requires cleaning and maintenance and upholstered beds are no different. To maintain hygiene, it is recommended that you clean the upholstery fabric used on your bed with a handheld vacuum once a week to prevent dust accumulation. And a bit of dry shampoo or carpet cleaning solution can be used to deep clean the material about once every few months.

  • Do you have king size upholstered bed?

    Yes, we have a wide collection of upholstered beds in king and queen size too.

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