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Custom Sofas & Sectionals

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Part of the fun of decorating your home is adding your own personal style to every part of your living space. After all, your home SHOULD reflect your personality. Every time someone walks into your home, they should feel transported into a world that you have created – an exceptional and inimitable living space that speaks volumes about the people that inhabit it. High end custom furniture for your living room is just what you need to put that unique spin on your home décor theme, making it distinctively YOURS in every way. And Urban Accents Canada is here with a wide array of custom sofas and custom sectional sofas in Toronto for you to choose from to design a stunning living room deserving of being yours.

Custom Furniture – Unlimited Sofas and Sectionals to choose from

Urban Accents Canada offers the widest range of custom furniture options in Ontario to choose from, giving you complete control over the look and feel of your living space. We offer everything from wooden frames, upholstery options, 100s of fabrics, size variations, custom leather sofas, custom size sectional sofas in various shapes, accents like crystals, buttons, nail-heads and so on and even tufting and cushion customising options. This is the place where you will find the most stunning center piece for your living room – a sofa that will worthy of being in your dream home.

Custom Furniture – Premium Quality custom sofas in Ontario from Urban Accents Canada

Create the living room of your dreams with our custom sofas & sectionals. We can create over 100 styles of sofas & custom built sectional sofas in different sizes and shapes, while ensuring that it all fits within your budget. Whether you are trying to find one for your condo or are looking for a custom fabric sofa for a large home, our team can help you design the ultimate sofa for your living space!

Call us at 905-660-4669 to get more information or email us at info@urbanaccentscanada.com for a free quote. If you don’t find a style, just email us a photo and let us create it for you!

Custom furniture FAQs – On sofas and custom sectional sofas in Canada

  • How much does a custom furniture sofa cost?

    The cost you will have to pay for a custom sofa in Ontario will eventually depend on just how custom we are thinking about going for. Most homeowners choose to take pre-fabricated shapes and add design elements to match the look of the piece to their existing décor theme. Others, who are more adventurous, like to create a design from scratch and come up with custom modern sectional sofas that are totally distinctive and uniquely fitting to the specific design of their room. The cost for the latter option will be slightly higher, depending upon the like of material, shape, design and size of the custom built sofa that you choose.

  • Can you build your own custom size sofa?

    Getting the best custom sofa for your home is something that will require you to make smart choices. Not only will you have to explore your options in terms of design and quality but also find the best manufacturers of custom made sofas in Toronto. Urban Accents Canada can be your partner and guide in this endeavour, helping you create exactly the kind of look and feel you desire from your custom furniture, without having to compromise on quality or your budget.

  • How much should you spend on a quality custom sofa in Toronto, Ontario?

    It is all a matter of quality and style here! A custom upholstered sofa is going to be a part of your living space for a long time to come. The quality of materials and workmanship that you put into this piece of custom furniture will directly impact the kind of satisfaction, comfort and utility you will derive from it. Do not skimp on spending money when it comes to your home furniture – this is your life you are designing and every piece you get should exude your unique sense of exclusivity and panache.

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