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Dining Chairs

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Modern Dining Chairs for Comfort and Style

Looking to upgrade your dining room with stylish and comfortable chairs? Look no further than Urban Accents Canada! We have a wide selection of modern dining chairs that are sure to impress.

From sleek and minimalistic designs to elegant and sophisticated styles, we have something for every taste. And, with our focus on comfort, you can be sure that these chairs will be a pleasure to sit in for long dinners and gatherings.

Not only are our modern dining chairs stylish and comfortable, but they’re also durable and built to last. Whether you’re looking to refresh your dining room with a single statement chair or outfit your entire space with a coordinated set, we have the perfect options for you.

Don’t settle for boring or uncomfortable dining chairs. Shop our selection now and find the perfect addition to your home. You won’t be disappointed!


Modern and contemporary dining chairs can be so much more than a simple utilitarian addition to your kitchen. They have the power to be handsome showpieces that can totally transform your dining space, helping you make a powerful style statement while ensuring that your family and loved ones enjoy their meal time in the most comfortable seating.


Shop for the largest dining room chairs collection including accent dining chairs, leather, upholstered and many other types of dining chairs. Find the perfect furniture piece to add to your dining room area in our selection of modern & contemporary design arm and dining room chairs. Make dinner time more inviting with comfortable and attractive dining room and kitchen chairs. Once you’ve chosen your dining table, choose a comfortable seating arrangement that fits your style.

At Urban Accents, we offer an array of silhouettes and upholsteries to create a dining room that’s all you. Browse a large selection of dining room chairs, including metal, and upholstered dining chairs in a variety of colours such as blue, black, grey, beige, and more for for your kitchen or dining area.

Comfortable dining chairs in Canada – FAQs

  • What are the best dining chairs?

    Dining Chairs are available in a huge variety of options. You can choose from accent dining chairs, leather dining chairs in Canada, upholstered dining chairs in Canada, tufted chairs, steel frames, winged backs, minimalist designs and so much more. The idea of one best dining chair design to fit your need is absurd. It all depends on what you and your family finds comfortable and how well your selected design fits with your décor theme.

  • How do I choose a dining room chair?

    Your choice of chair for your dining room should be guided by two factors – comfort and style. Dining room seating can be strategically used to give your dining room a complete makeover. You can use different fabrics, shapes, design accents, frame options and colors like blue, grey, black, white and so on to make the best combo that provides comfort and adds a luxurious beauty to your eating space.

  • Are low back dining chairs comfortable?

    The question of choosing the back height of your dining chair is largely guided by the health considerations of your family members. If your loved ones have back problems, try selecting high backed, tufted dining chairs in Canada that will provide the right kind of back support to those who are using them.

  • What makes a good dining chair?

    Average dining chairs in Toronto should be about 50cms in height to give your legs enough room between the table and the chair’s seat. A seat width of 45-55cms minimum can be considered as ideal for comfortable dining chairs. The material used to upholster the chair should be moisture absorbent and soft to allow users to sit in the chair for longer durations of time without sweat issues. Easy to clean and maintain fabrics are an added advantage. Make sure you look for these factors before finalising the right dining chair for your home.

  • What’s the best fabric for dining chairs?

    Your choice of fabric for dining chairs in Canada with upholstered backs and seats largely depends on usability and style. Natural materials like linen, cotton and leather are, by definition, more comfortable and absorbent. Synthetic materials like vinyl, polyester and the like are equally popular and may be longer lasting than natural fabrics for dining chairs.