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How to Choose the Right Dining Table for Your Home

How to Choose the Right Dining Table for Your Home

So you are decorating your home the way you want, and carefully selecting the right piece of furniture in each space of your apartment. When it comes to the living room, you have the sofa, the carpets, fireplace, and mirrors – but something else is missing.

You need to choose your dining table.

Don’t know where to start? Urban Accents has infinite and great options of dining tables for you to browse from! In this article, we will help you choose the right dining table for your home – of any shape, form, size, color and style you want.

How do I pick the right table?

A dining table is the stage for many family memories – Christmas gatherings, every day meals and conversations, Thanksgiving dinner, birthday parties. Whatever the occasion, a dinner table is essential for people to come face-to-face and enjoy their gatherings.

To narrow down the endless search of picking the right table, it is important to think about certain elements you will take in consideration: how many family members, roommates or friends you have, if you prefer wood or glass, or if the table will be used very often or just for special dates.

Which shape of dining table is the best?

When considering the shape for a dining table, the entire format of the room must be taken seriously. Small-size apartments will not be able to accommodate long and rectangular dining tables, for instance.

If your living room is broad, crescent and oval-shaped tables are a great option. They give the impression of not occupying a lot of space while also perfectly fitting the area, with enough room for chairs to be pushed and pulled.

Round tables are a great option for small living rooms, which are very common in odd-shaped apartments. More modern and compact houses are being built with less space, and round tables fit perfectly, since they do not occupy a lot of space.

Rectangular tables are the most common shape of tables, and a great match for those people who would like to provide a lot of surface space for their decoration elements or to their guests during social events. A variety of rectangular tables are the square tables. Both options are good for the set-up of entertainment, where guests sit one next to the other.

If the living room allows for a long rectangular table, there is much more space for food to be placed at the surface, however, it does become less practical for reaching the dishes, unlike a round table. Still, on the upside, rectangular and square tables create a very intimate and personal moment for everyone sitting for a meal.

So pick the squared tables all you want! Just remember – the round ones are the best for smaller living rooms.

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What material should my dining table be?

Now that you have defined the shape according to the size of your living room, you can check for the types of table of that particular selection of round tables or square tables – the search becomes much easier!

The material of a dining table will depend on considerable factors, just like the shape. For example – if you have little kids, perhaps having a wooden table won’t be the best idea (in case they spill their apple juice all over it!

If you do have little kids that like to knock food off regularly, then a good option for table material for you would be a glass or high glass dining table. Glass tables can be pretty resistant, and all it takes to clean a spilled mess is a thick tablecloth.

A chic and durable option is to buy a stone table – the most common models are marble and sintered. Marble tables provide a sense of class and elegance, and go well with light furniture or a mainly white space. Sintered stone tables are a very modern alternative. With a uniform design and dark-gray colors, they make for a minimalistic setting and leave the dining room with a more urban look.

How can I match my living room’s color-palette with my dining table?

This is the easiest step – now that you have selected the material and the shape of your table, your options are much more limited and, therefore, making it easier for you to choose the right dining table for your home.

If you are inclined to get a round, white marble table, make sure that your living room consists of white walls and the floor has a dark material. Try mixing neutral shades of color – different tones of gray for the chairs or carpet will do the trick.

Another example is electing a rectangular oak wood dining table – especially if your house already has oak wood floors and furniture. A dining table of this model works well with velvet chairs in dark tones of green or rose gold, as well as with my golden details and some plants – the plants go really well with the green chairs!

And glass tables are the lucky ones that look good with pretty much anything! Any color of chair or carpet texture can be combined with a glass table, and that is the secret – with a table of this material, regardless of the shape and size, the magic is to combine the carpet, chairs and table feet well. If you have a glass table with metallic support, then black chairs with an equal type of support material are a good option.

Dining tables are an essential piece for a harmonious home – they are the place of social gatherings and family dinners. And a harmonious home should have a harmonious dining table.

Check Urban Accents for a great variety of dining tables – and choose the right one for your home.

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