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Ready-made vs Custom Furniture: Which one to Go For?

Ready-made vs Custom Furniture

When buying new furniture either in-person or online, homeowners tend to search and select products that are commonly seen and readily available in the market due to mass production. Meanwhile, some people opt to design furniture tailored to their needs and wants.

Do you ever feel like all the furniture in stores is just the same? And, it’s all so expensive? You may be wondering if there are any other options. Well, believe it or not, there are! You can buy ready-made furniture, or you can go for custom furniture. Let’s take a closer look at each option.

What is a Ready-Made Furniture?

Ready-made furniture is all the furniture that can be found for sale at furniture stores and websites. Usually, there are hundreds of these pieces available – therefore, they are very generic. The same furniture piece can be seen in many different homes worldwide.

What is a Custom Furniture?

Custom furniture is the process of designing furniture and manufacturing it based on personal preferences and particular needs. Clients can choose their furniture size, colour and material to produce the piece they wish to have.

Custom furniture can’t be found anywhere else since it was created based on what one person precisely wished for.

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Ready-Made vs Custom Furniture: Which One to Go For?

Naturally, each furniture production and manufacturing method has pros and cons. Ultimately, it all boils down to the client’s preference, what works best for them, and their particular needs.

Pros of Ready-made Furniture

  • Ready-made furniture is easy and practical: homeowners can just quickly order furniture online or go inside a store and check the available options.
  • There is a variety of options: either browsing through a catalogue on the website or checking the shelves of a store, clients are met with many options for the furniture piece they are looking for.
  • Clients can quickly go to a store and buy what they need immediately: if they are already familiar with a store, clients can simply go straight to a particular section, get the furniture piece they wish for and leave after paying for it.

Cons of Ready-made Furniture

  • Pieces can come with manufacturing defects: store-purchased furniture comes with warranties and return policies for a reason – some products may come with faulty parts. This is a very common disadvantage of mass-production furniture.
  • It can be expensive: some stores offer costly furniture pieces, and homeowners end up purchasing one that is precisely the same as someone else’s – and not unique at all.
  • Mass productions harm the environment: like with fast fashion, ready-made furniture also produces a significant amount of garbage, polluting the planet.

Pros of Custom-made Furniture

  • Clients can use their creativity: they can design a furniture piece that attends to their specific needs and decide on their furniture’s size, colours and texture.
  • There are numerous options for texture materials, sizes and colours: homeowners can play around and mix different textures and colour palettes. This is especially beneficial for businesses to solidify their brand image.
  • It is an environmentally friendly process: since there is no mass production, less waste is produced in the making of a custom furniture piece.

Cons of Custom-made Furniture

  • Very time-consuming and costly: the high-quality of custom-made pieces of furniture can turn out to be time-consuming for both the client and the manufacturer. Besides, due to the client’s demands, it can be an expensive process.
  • Manufacturers may not have an effective cancellation process: once an order is placed, it can be difficult to cancel or even refund it, since the furniture is specially customized to a specific client and no one else.
  • Delivery times are more extensive: ordering furniture online is a quick process that takes a few days since the product is already fabricated. However, with custom-made furniture, homeowners must wait for the manufacturer to finish their order and start the delivery process.

With such pros and cons, homeowners can have difficulty deciding which one to go for – ready-made furniture or custom furniture. It all depends on the needs of the client. 

If someone needs an extra chair for their living room, they can quickly and effortlessly head to a store and buy ready-made furniture. 

But for instance, if a client is a business owner, having chairs, tables and sofas that reflect their brand image is a must – and custom furniture might be the best option to go for.

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Is it reasonable to buy ready-made furniture?

Buying ready-made furniture is a common practice among many homeowners. For most, buying ready-made furniture is fast and practical.

What are good reasons to buy custom furniture?

Custom furniture is more environmentally friendly and original. It allows clients to design a furniture piece however they wish – which can be very useful if they have a company and need to solidify their brand image.


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